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Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill $35

If your lashes like to have a party at capacity this one’s for you. You’ll for sure get that voluminous volume and somewhat clumpy gumpy effect, not in a bad way though. I like it because I sometimes like to have that creative fake chunky lash but without the appearance of balls at the tip, (Your lashes should never have balls PERIOD!) or the fact that your lashes just can’t get part from each other like they’re never going to see each other again so they decide to get fat with extra coating and melt into one big family (NOT COOL!) This one still allows that pumped up effect still separated but not too separated you’ll find that it gives more volume at the root of the lash allowing it to look fuller. They were smart with the creation of this brush. They carried out the same fibers used in actual false lashes into this brush, those fibers being nylon and rayon to give you more of a fuller and longer lash. I also like the shape of the brush how it narrows at the tip, this allows you to effectively get in on those little guys on the inner part of your eye to join the rest of the party he he!

L’Oreal Voluminous False Lashes $15

If you like lots of volume and length but clean without the clumpy gumpyness or crusting, flaking or smudging, this one’s for you.Armani designed this patented brush with fine tuned bristles to deliver separation and extension to each lash individually. If you also notice closely that the bristles are kept short and flat and evenly spaced to allow more volume but with a clean edge. Basically your eyes are seductively murderous but in a secretly, sexy and classy way, if that makes any sense at all ha-ha! If you think this sounds dangerous try “Eyes to Kill Excess” forget about stopping traffic, you’ll cause collisions with that one. I can’t even talk about it! lol! Definitely highly recommended to try. Armani make-up is exclusive to Holt Renfrew in Canada only.